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Coast view
Untitled-20 b_edited
From inside bungalow
On the top of the stair
Natural shower style
View from bungalow 4
View from bungalow 9
On a bungalow terrace
Ballad on our beach
Sunset show
Clear water
Untitled-12 b
Moscos islands from here
The 28th from right side
Pure water again
Beach shower
View from restaurant
Terrace bungalow 7
Bungalow 3 roof
Wood spirit
Come with family
Pagoda around Dawei
Shin Maw
Our food
Quiet places to rest
Untitled-22 b
So pure
View from top mountain
Bright and blue
Simple but real pleasure
From the left corner
Local architecture
Pure water
We are close to Kyone Ka Nan village
Sunset on Mrauk U
Laying down buddha
High tide beautiful time
Our land is forest
Our beach.... sept 2018
San Lan bay
90000 buddhas pagoda
afternoon on the beach
Beach view
Our new stairs
wild beach it is
turtel from andaman sea
monkey on moscos islands
View from beach right side
Hill view on Pa Nyit
U Bein brige
Padaung woman
Mrauk U temple

We Are

Coming from different horizons, countries, we fell in love first for Myanmar, and then for Dawei peninsula.

After few months of survey, we finally met our Paradise, Kyone Ka Nan beach, fifteen minutes walking from a fishermen nice village. We discovered a unique wild place covered by evergreen forest, above a white sand isolated beach, but not only.

We also met deeply kind and so nice people, welcoming us arms opened.


We then decide to create our project here, on this land, facing the Moscos Islands Sanctuary.

Building an ecolodge in line with sustainable devlopment made sense, and we will be glad and proud to welcome you, to share with you our passion for travelling, for touching those moments in life where time is  suspended.

All the team will be here to make your stay pleasant.


  • Boat transfer service

  • Free Wifi access

  • Full tv channels range access

  • 24 hour reception and room service

  • Events organisation

  • Fishing and snorkelling tours

  • Laundry facilities

  • Sustainable devlopment oriented equipments

  • Panoramic view on Moscos islands 

  • Restaurant on the beach

  • SPa, Gym space, Yoga

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