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Tradition, Local Sourcing, Noble materials

All buildings are made in local hard wood, traditionnal style, by local persons.

Local sourcing was and is at the art of our action.

Inside the room, the presency of the wood underline also the quietness of the place, a perfect place to stay, with a 180°C view on Andaman sea.


We use solar power and bio-filtering

We will always act to preserve this nature as much as we can.

Moscos Islands and others outings

All the villas face the Moscos Islands, a wildlife santuary, far from less than 10 miles, and easy to reach with our boat service.

This is a treasure where you can find coral reefs in the South part, small nice beaches, wildlife.

The coast of Dawei Peninsula will give you also the opportunity of discovering amazing beaches, beautiful nature, traditionnal local life organised around the sea.

Superb cuisine, Spa, Yoga

A food based on local and seasonal products, a short menu pleasure oriented, a link in between Mediterranean tastes and Asia.

A Spa center, in the nature, turned to the sea, many types of massage, an additionnal way of relaxing you, in combination with Yoga sessions.

Opportunitie to have Yoga cession and experience surrounded by nature and trees, facing the vastness of the sea.

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